• Documents like invoices contain key information like date, ref.#, $amount

  • The Ricoh cloud software demonstrates AI-based locating and retrieval of the info that matters most to you

  • Documents are then converted to searchable PDFs (or other formats)

  • Your digital files are then sent your your preferred storage location, eg. cloud (OneDrive, etc.)

Simply provide as much document information as you can for us below, and we will create and deliver a custom-tailored demonstration for you and your organization!

RICOH Cloud & Workflow Solutions
Document Type(s) for which data capture needs to be performed:
In what format are the documents?
What is/are the preferred document input method(s)?
To what destination(s) do the documents need to be routed?
Entries can take the form of 1 field per line, or you can describe what needs to be recorded here.
Do you wish to create a folder structure based on extracted data?
Max. file size: 100 MB.

We may reach out to request additional information and/or sample documents for your custom-tailored demonstration.