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DDL Awarded 2021 Laserfiche Winners Circle

February 22nd, 2021|

Every year, Laserfiche providers and users gather for the information-packed Empower Conference.  This year’s online event brings together Laserfiche experts along with those new to the platform from around the world to learn and share. The Winners Circle Award for DDL acknowledges year-over-year growth and leading performance in providing the capabilities of Laserfiche’s forms, workflow and information management to more and more organizations. Congratulations to the entire DDL team as well as to existing and new Laserfiche clients.

Video Case Study: Reactiv SUITE for Remote Patient Engagement

January 29th, 2021|

Healthcare Is About People. Many people have deeply personal relationships with their healthcare providers, but remote patient engagement introduces a series of challenges for how we connect with and feel comfortable sharing intimate and private information with our doctors.

With Reactiv SUITE, Peak Human’s practitioners elevate their virtual presence by pinning their camera into the presentation space and controlling its size and placement at all times. This allows them to go full screen when they want to have a conversation, or reduce their camera view when they want to focus on their content, all without interrupting the conversation.

See the video:

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DDL Partnership with Vizetto Announced

Vizetto Announces Document Direction as Canadian Partner

Vizetto, Toronto, January 29, 2021 – Vizetto Inc., the company that is changing the way the world communicates, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Document Direction (DDL), one of the Canada’s leading IT services providers. DDL is committed to bringing certified Reactiv SUITE solutions to market and leading the way as a premier provider of remote #WFH and hybrid solutions required for the new normal.

Reactiv SUITE is an eco-system of software products designed to make remote meetings memorable. The software allows any professional to share their content, be non-linear in their interactions with their remote participants, fluidly pull up content and media, engage in discussions, visually markup documents and elevate their presence so they stand out.

On this platform, individuals can focus on getting their message across as opposed to presenting static data and images using antiquated screen sharing tools. Reactiv STAGE allows presenters to break free from linear slides, present any document, visually markup documents, arrange and compare effortlessly. Additionally, the infinite canvas of Reactiv SCRIBBLE allows presenters to write, illustrate, type and create complex layouts that can then be easily shared as a PDF.

“As a Toronto-based company, the entire team is excited to work with DDL. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to show customers in our own backyard how their businesses can be transformed and thrive in the post-COVID, new normal world”, said Av Utukuri, CEO and founder of Vizetto. “Businesses don’t have an option as everyone must figure out how to increase engagement with customers, internal team members, and suppliers using innovative new technologies like Reactiv SUITE”.

Perry Edwards, CEO and Founding Partner of DDL said, “as we begin to transition from crisis to recovery phase in 2021, we are pleased to collaborate with Vizetto to provide Reactive Suite as an innovative solution, one that is tightly integrated with Ricoh interactive boards. Enabling employees to concentrate, collaborate and communicate effectively, Reactiv SUITE transforms our clients’ remote interactions. DDL already uses it to illustrate and share meeting content which effectively impacts retention for our remote participants.”

About Document Direction

Document Direction Limited( DDL) is a hardware, software and IT services provider based in Toronto working with organizations of all types and sizes and is the largest independent Ricoh sales partner in Canada. DDL focuses on client driven technology challenges and partners with proven suppliers to deliver tested, value-based improvements.

About Vizetto

Vizetto Inc. is a Canadian company that develops Reactiv SUITE; software that enables remote creativity for organizations. This new partnership between two great companies further validates Vizetto’s mission of ensuring the best possible user experience for the digital meeting space.

January 29th, 2021|
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