Better Hybrid Meetings

 and Meeting Rooms

Does this sound familiar?

Remote meetings can be exhausting.  Today’s remote meetings consist of linear slides and endless note-taking that limits our ability to drill down to the ‘what-if’, ‘so-what’ and the ‘why’ of your story.

  • Participants are numbed by linear static slides, clumsy switches between documents, and messy screen sharing
  • Presenters cannot easily tell their story and visually capture audience feedback during presentations

We’ll help you solve these challenges and more.

An Integrating Solution for Interactive Displays and Whiteboards (IWBs)

Whether your team is together physically on-premises or joining remotely, we provide complete solutions for group meetings. Leverage this technology throughout the day, and when the time is right, make sure your public spaces like boardrooms and meeting rooms are ready to go.

DDL provides complete set of collaborative applications and services, in a unified environment, that enhance many workflows required for effective team meetings and collaboration sessions. There is no need to cobble together a disparate set of third-party software applications that don’t work well together in order to fit your team’s remote needs.

Enhanced Capabilities for Laptop or PC-Based Presenters: Your Home Boardroom

Our solutions are not only for interactive displays. Bring your colleagues, clients and remote team members into your Home Boardroom and gain productivity.

For example, Vizetto Reactiv SUITE Professional can use your laptop or PC to deliver an enhanced meeting experience. It includes the complete ecosystem of apps needed for all of your collaboration sessions, in a single environment. No longer do you need to cobble together a disparate set of third-party software applications that don’t work well together.

Vizetto Reactiv Suite

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Reactiv STAGE

Tell Your Story

Reactiv STAGE

Tell Your Story – Reactiv STAGE

The ‘Digital Table’ where you can present any type of content, markup documents, arrange, and compare effortlessly.

      • Break out of your linear slide
      • Present information using all of your content and media
      • Capture feedback & ink directly into documents
      • Beautiful UI that helps you to focus on your message


Illustrate Your Ideas


Illustrate Your Ideas – Reactiv SCRIBBLE

The ‘Digital Wall’ where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type and create layouts that are easily shared.

      • Break out of your static notes
      • Create powerful layouts using all your files and media
      • Share illustrative notes
      • Beautiful UI that optimizes user experience

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