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It’s human nature: many of the inefficiencies that we deal with every day tend to get ignored or regularly pushed aside until expert help is obtained.

Depending on the size of your organization, it might be all about Accounts Payable, or HR on-boarding/off-boarding. Or it could be customer requests, special orders, vacation requests, employee expenses, approvals, or checklists. And how about contracts, most organizations have to manage contracts with long renewal periods, in addition to everything else.

In basic terms, the true costs of traditional filing of physical records – all of the costs, not just the paper and toner – can be surprising to even the most seasoned financial analyst. The cost of printing documents, the time spent searching for specific information, the impact of traditional processes on staff, the unseen expense of lost content and the lack of access while away from the office all combine to adversely affect employee and customer satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line.

DDL delivers digital transformation with a flexible approach that is sensitive to each unique organization. Each environment is different, and your challenges are also varied. As the DDL team becomes an extension of your team, simplifying what can look like an insurmountable challenge, your own time investment can be very small.

Planning is imperative, so we recommend that the best time to start talking with us is now.

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