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Our expertise was built and crafted over the years in support of very diverse clients, each with unique needs. Today we’ve earned the lead in supporting organizations of all types and sizes, and we stay in the lead by looking ahead while continuing to provide exceptional service and support.

DDL is the market leader for digital print, from your neighbourhood Copy Shop to the Production Printers, and in offices everywhere: Our team seeks to understand your requirements and work environments, budgets and future needs in order to provide informed, cost-effective recommendations and new ideas for today and for the future. Ricoh Authorized Dealer

DDL is a professional provider of laptops, desktops, Microsoft 365, firewall, WiFi, cybersecurity and more: With trusted global brands like Ricoh, Microsoft, Lenovo and Cisco, DDL delivers equipment along with the expert technical team to support it.

DDL is the best source for Hybrid Meeting solutions: Our experts rigorously source and evaluate products and platforms to provide the easiest, most reliable technologies for in-office, remote, and hybrid work styles and meetings. Audio-visual communication is now relied on to connect over distances, with more impact, reduced cost, along with all of the other benefits.


We carry an extensive selection of high-quality printers and multifunction printer/copier/scanner models and yes, we even still provide faxing. With plenty of options in speed, size and capabilities – and configuration options to meet sprcific needs – we’ll use our experience to recommend the models and features that will work best for you. And we also offer onsite service for most equipment with affordable service plans.

Ricoh Authorized Dealer


Take your business further, faster with our scalable portfolio of cutsheet, continuous feed and wide format production printers – all meticulously engineered to meet your most important creative, technical and enterprise print needs.

Ricoh Authorized Dealer – Production Specialists On Staff


Engage with clients, staff, and other stakeholders like never before. A/V technology has finally caught-up to our boardroom expectations, now you can have a very rich and rewarding experience in your next virtual meeting, training or gathering.  Our Vizetto Reactiv SUITE software and affordable interactive whiteboards from the world’s leading manufacturers encourage innovative, engaging collaboration. Modify items on-the-fly and exchange ideas in real time.

We’re not just presenting to a live audience anymore, we’re also now often being tasked to record videos. Content creators benefit greatly from real-time audio-visual interactivity, reducing or even eliminating editing. DDL has brought this technology within reach, not just dollar-wise, but also with leading features and ease-of-use.


Let us do the tough tech stuff. Working with DDL lets you get back to what matters most to you. Do you need some Lenovo laptops or desktops ? Thinking of going to a remote Helpdesk? Migrating to the cloud? We’re ready with Microsoft 365, Cisco, Barrracuda, Darktrace, VMWare and more.

Our intuitive, easy-to-use solutions bring virtual meetings to life. Share high-quality content, encourage collaboration, and stay more closely connected to your team. New ideas, new tools from the same DDL team you’ve come to trust.

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Need better workspaces? Opening a new organization or site? Or is it just time for something new? Perhaps you’re converting to a hybrid office. Maybe you’d like to offer WiFi everywhere. Or possibly it is keeping an eye on everything right down to the license plate numbers of the vehicles going through your gates. Let’s talk about providing you with the right-priced professional tools, without the headaches. All with DDL’s legendary flexibility.

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