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Sometimes it's not easy to see problems that are right in front of you.

Organizations today still have many of the burdens imposed by last century's paper processes, or even just unstructured review and approval processes (think about special order requests, vacation requests, employee expenses, approvals, checklists, etc.). When exposed for what they are, the true costs can be - all of the costs, not just the paper and toner - surprising to even the most seasoned of financial analyst.

The cost of printing documents, the time spent searching for specific information, the impact of workflows on staff, the unseen expense of lost content and the lack of access while away from desk space all combine to adversely affect productivity and/or profitability.

DDL delivers digital transformation with a flexible approach that is sensitive to each unique customer partnership and project. Your time investment is surprisingly small as we stay on the project from the start to the staff training. The time to begin is today.