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Who is Document Direction

Document Direction is a leader in Toronto and across Canada in digital print imaging with experience from desktop home office Multifunction (MFP), to office laser printers and MFPs, and to Production Print extending from cut sheet to high-speed continuous digital presses.

Document Direction provides client partners with Information Systems and Technology at whatever level desired, from basic equipment needs to Managed IT Helpdesk Services for your organization.

With expertise in documents and records, Digital Transformation projects with Document Direction don't typically offer just a small tweak, but instead deliver improvements measured in orders of magnitude for finding, capturing, integrating and processing your information.

What Makes DDL Different

Document Direction arrives with a fresh, informed perspective and a modern approach that we hope you find to be a warmly welcomed departure from "office equipment" sales people.

In yesterday's era, copiers just made copies. Today, the modern MFP is an information hub, allowing rapid capture and distribution of information. And, of course, they still produce great printed images in full colour or in razor-sharp black & white.

This culminates in a true partnership, ensuring that highly effective improvements are delivered, consisting of equipment, people, software, services, or an optimized mix.

How DDL Delivers

In today's busy climate, it is common to resist change. Yet change is as natural as, well, nature. The Document Direction team works to enable your own organic improvements. Focused on being easy to work with, your DDL team is readily accessible and is always striving to answer any questions. The level of client care needed on improvement projects can be exceptionally high, and Document Direction's consultative approach means that questions are asked and answered, and possibilities are explored specific to your environment, always leveraging our experience.

Leveraging the team's vast experience, Document Direction analyzes your information, reviews your requirements, and then takes our experience and Best Practices to the table to deliver recommendations specific to you.

Document Direction fosters a highly motivated in-house team of professionals and partners with carefully chosen, well-matched suppliers in order to deliver only the best, vetted recommendations ensuring the best outcomes possible with the highest value attainable.

The time to digitize and automate is now, because the next wave is already around the corner. This is only the beginning.


Showcasing the Ricoh equipment line, our teams provide both Sales as well as the highest level of Service on print, copy, scan, fax equipment as well as projectors, Interactive Flat Panel displays, and Videoconferencing.

Your DDL team shops for the best partnerships in order to provide value-driven, highly reliable equipment and services.

In addition to Office Equipment, DDL provides the full line of Information Technology equipment and services to support today's high-tech workplace.


DDL provides Managed Services to deliver specific outcomes, leveraging our business experience and expertise. These staff are hired, trained, and fully benefitted: these are not "temp" workers. Performance is measured regularly to ensure successful engagements, every time.


The DDL team delivers successful Digital Transformation to organizations of all types and sizes. With partners like Laserfiche, the Agile ECM, our team works to ensure successful improvements while dramatically reducing costs and time to find and process information.

The DDL team has specific expertise in the areas of Digital Transformation at Law Firms, Logistics and Shipping companies, Financial Services organizations and Credit Unions, Distributors, Municipal Governments, general businesses, non-government agencies, and more.


In addition to equipment, DDL provides the services needed for each project. It starts with our large team of highly trained Service Technicians, but does not end there.

IT installation, configuration, and Helpdesk support services are all available. We migrate on-premises servers to the Cloud, and build hybrid systems.

DDL Backfile Scanning Services can readily convert paper documents into digital files, enabling searching and Workflow automation.

We can also provide full outsourced services for Accounts Receivable invoicing, and/or for Accounts Payable processing.


DDL, in harmony with chosen partners like Ricoh, believes in delivering exceptional customer experiences every time. The way to measure this is of course to hear from you. We seek to build a true partnership with our customers. We must all succeed in order to continue delivering improvements.

Your DDL team has a great deal of experience managing change. While change is natural, and in fact inevitable in nature, for many people change can be very difficult. By setting realistic milestones, by tightly managing projects, and by ensuring all stakeholder needs are addressed, Document Direction provides successful Digital Transformation to the oldest of "old schools" as well as to organizations just like yours, every day.