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Some organizations are given little choice but to evolve to meet changing needs. Twenty years ago, DDL was a Small to Mid-Sized Business (SMB) provided analog copiers and fax machines. Today, we have evolved not only to provide and support Enterprise-class printers that have evolved into powerful, networked devices, our elite team is composed of highly trained experts who value technology in the marketplace and are passionate about offering their customers the best of market products and IT services. DDL has and continues to change to meet the needs of our customer partners. Today, DDL provides flexible, adaptable IT Services, focusing on today's demanding SMB environment.

Security Analysis & Consultation

You've heard about (but hopefully not experienced) cyber crimes like crypto-ransomware viruses. With the recent explosion of technology, data has become a valuable asset, and everyone is working round the clock to protect and secure it. Cyber security has become one of the most important focuses for businesses. While some hire the best IT experts to ensure they are protected from attacks, other people spend thousands hiring a cyber security firm to monitor and correct the vulnerabilities of their systems constantly. DDL provides robust, comprehensive threat assessment and penetration testing services that provide you with a foundation of security. As required unified threat management systems are recommended and deployed to complete your security framework.

Design, Deliver, Manage

Desktop PCs, laptops, servers, cloud integration, thin clients, network cabling, wireless, DDL does IT. In so many cases, our team has already done the research for you. Once the equipment is delivered and configured, DDL's IT Helpdesk Services seamlessly provide your organization with the support level required, including availability of 24/7 Hotline. If your business has not had a professional network assessment in the last year, consider contacting your local DDL IT today.

Professional Services

DDL's Systems Integrators arrive with experience, focus on your unique environment and needs, and deliver the outcomes that are expected, every time. Available for single projects or for long-term engagements, the DDL Services team delivers the expert recommendation expected and the anticipated "no surprise" outcome.

  • IT Services (fully managed and supplemental)
  • Information Security
  • Cloud Services, Hybrid, and Data Centre
  • Business Continuity & Backup
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Communication solutions (Telephony, VoIP and Unified Communications)